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Self-portrait and collage with deeper meaning

Taking some time is very important in our fast-paced times, also in order to be able to deliver good quality in your professional environment. If they don't see any symbols in the picture so far, they have taken too little time to look at the painting. On closer inspection, symbols such as the river, hippopotamus, pyramid, skyscraper, trees, giraffe, moon and one more can be seen in the collage. I take a lot of time for my workspaces and my clients because they are my life.


Every beginning is difficult! The way here was not always easy for me. But I wouldn't want to change anything at any price in the world. My willingness to learn and experience as a craftsman, service technician, PC specialist, sound engineer, multimedia technician, creative, composer, photographer and much more have made me what I am today – and I have learned from my mistakes. My customers can benefit from this today.


These two passions have been part of my life since I was 15 and are certainly my favorites from a technical point of view. I started to deal with music and recording technology at a time when recording systems were still REALLY expensive and we were dealing with things like analog editing. Almost unimaginable today. A lot has happened since then – A LOT. I play a little guitar and piano. A little? The main focus was probably more and more on the recording technology. So I never became a good musician. Sound engineers already – rumor has it ;-/ in circles of friends



As an autodidact, I like to realize myself in most areas of responsibility and attach great importance to quality, creativity and attention to detail. See also my offer.

Self-portrait with company logo

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