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These two passions have been part of my life since 1980 and are certainly my favorites from a technical point of view. I started to deal with music and recording technology at a time when recording systems were still REALLY expensive and we were dealing with things like analog editing. Almost unimaginable today. A lot has happened since then – VERY MUCH. I play a little guitar and piano. A little? The main focus was probably more and more on the recording technology. So I never became a good musician. Sound engineers already – rumor has it ;-/ in circles of friends.


I have supervised many bands over time as a live sound engineer. As a reference, however, I would like to specify only one band here. I've probably accompanied the Wolfman Gang the longest and I still work for them. It makes me very proud that a thoroughbred musician like Wolfman (who can draw on over 40 years of live music experience) calls me the best sound engineer in the country on his website under Links:


I founded my first own recording studio in 1981. The fascination of sound engineering and recording technology has never let go of me since then. So in addition to my craft professions, it was a matter of course, so to speak, multi-track and at the same time to expand my recording studio further and further. Today, working in my multimedia studio is one of my main professions.


My multimedia studio is always retrofitted with the latest software (today I work mostly with professional software on my Power PC) and if necessary also with professional hardware and equipped with the latest technology.I would especially like to mention the DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION Steinberg Cubase, which I use both in the live area as recording software, and mainly in the studio as a complete workstation.

Detailed information about my recording rooms, listening rooms, the control room and my professional equipment can be found under the menu item:


If you want to convince yourself of the tonal quality of the music composed, arranged and produced in my studios, you will find over 120 audio samples on . Most of the music is also available for free and free download.

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