Interception – systems and monitors.

The studio monitors in all 3 listening rooms are very different and sometimes serve different purposes. In order to achieve the best possible results during recordings, it is essential to listen to and adapt them with many different monitoring systems. Good speakers are half the battle of a professional recording studio.

Studio 1:

In Studio 1 I work with 2 pairs of high-end large monitors.


The VISATON DC Mark2 is a bass reflex construction with a slightly harder bass suspension for e.B. Pop – Rock – Blues productions.

Eminent LFT8

The EMINENT technology LFT8 represents the official interception system for the classic area. The large-area ribbon speakers bring incredible transparency with lifelike linear reproduction of the entire spectrum.

Eminent LFT8 Review

Both high-end pairs are also designed to reproduce even the lowest frequencies with richness and pressure even at low playback volume and are characterized by extremely high fidelity and transparency. Used together, the loudspeakers create a concert hall feeling and arouse undreamt-of emotions.

Studio 2:

Studio 2 is also my director and workspace. This is where high-end shelf monitors from the Vienna Acoustics brand come into play.

Vienna Acoustics Haydn

The Vienna Acoustics Haydn is not exactly a special offer with a unit price of 815€. However, the tonal difference to the YAMAHA NS10 loudspeakers used as a reference in many recording studios – near-field monitors because of their linearity – is enormous. Especially in the low frequency range, a reasonable mixing is only possible if this range is also audible.

It is also good to see here that I did not let myself be lumped when using the suitable loudspeaker cables in order to keep losses in the upper frequency range as low as possible.

Studio 3:

MB Quart Q802 S

Studio 3 is equipped with MB Quart QL 802 S , which provide clear sound and pressure.

Top-class loudspeakers need correspondingly good power amplifiers. These 4 powerhouses provide crystal clear crisp sound in the 3 studios.

Marantz SR3001 High-end Receiver


Marantz SR 4300 High-end Receiver


Sony TA-F 650 ES Highend Stereo Amplifier


Sony STR-DE875 Surround Receiver



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