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Your partner for professional, artistic – creatively appealing, tailor-made, cost-effective multimedia solutions tailored to you or your company.MULTIMEDIA is a very broad term and it is difficult to describe what exactly is meant by the term chosen as the Word of the Year 1995.Our multimedia agency offers under the term MULTIMEDIA listed services in detail and / or a combination of several points for a perfectly designed WEB and / or multimedia appearance, so that they reach their customers with their digital media in the best possible way.

  1. Text creation, text editing, text formatting, text design
  2. Photography, creative photo editing, photo formatting, collages
  3. Graphic creation, creative graphic editing, graphic formatting
  4. Animation animation, animation editing, animation formatting
  5. Video creation, video editing, creative artistic video design, video formatting
  6. Audio recording, audio editing, audio editing, audio formatting
  7. Logo creation, logo editing, logo animations
  8. Website creation, website editing, website optimization
  9. professional music creation, music composition, music editing
  10. professional voice recordings, audio speech text design
  11. Social Media Creation, Social Media Setup, Social Media Editing, Social Media Linking
  12. creative art design in the form of painting and all the points listed above

Multimedia communication in the communication policy of marketing

Multimedia communication is the planning, organization, implementation and control of all measures that serve to send messages designed by combinations of text, graphic, sound, image and moving image elements through electronic media in order to interact with the consumer and realize the communication goals of the company. (Excerpt Wikipedia)

DEMO: Logo design promotional video with text and animations in Winning Award style.

Demo: (DC NEWS) Animated newspaper with the multimedia offer of DESIGN CREATIVE Multimedia STUDIO ́s VIENNA. The music was composed especially for this animation.

DEMO: Relax video with animated images and video sequences. The music is our cover version of Johann Sebastian Bach's Prelude in C Major. (E – guitar solo and oboe melody)

Social media image with various icons

More demos can be found in the respective categories under the tab Offer


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