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Photography has its own fascination for me. In 1980 I began to deal more intensively with this topic. At that time, you could only look at the result of a photo after the development of the film, which created a certain tension in me and awakened the hunting instinct for the good picture. With the heavy equipment sometimes several days to lurk a good motive – that had something!

Today, other factors have come more to the fore for me. It is much easier for those interested in technology to realize. Today's possibilities of digital image processing are a true land of plenty for photographers and graphic designers. With many mobile phones, you always have a passable to good camera for everyday photography in your pocket. If you own an e.B iPhone 13, you can confidently claim to have a very good camera that can fulfill many professional tasks. A very good example is hiding backgrounds in portrait photos.

If it should be something even higher quality in terms of lens quality or must, you reach for the camera bag, which is only half as heavy today, and go on the hunt for the perfect photo for your customers again with the professional SLR film & photo camera.

Despite many changes, photography has lost none of its appeal over the years. On the contrary, today's possibilities, especially from a technical point of view, leave almost nothing to be desired.

Under the heading "My photographic eye" I would like to give you an impression of how I see the world around me through the photo lens. It's less about the image quality "I had to compress the photos to save storage space", but more about the creative photographic vision. Some images are uploaded in RAW format, others are graphically edited and usually recognizable as such by a frame.

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