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I work primarily with the free for private users version of

DaVinci Resolve 18

Hollywood's most popular solution for editing, VFX, motion graphics, color correction and audio post-production in a single software tool for Mac, Windows and Linux.

In what I consider to be the best software solution in the world, DaVinci Resolve, graphics, motion, audio post-production, editing, color grading, text integration and visual effects are offered in one application.

One advantage is the fast learnability of DaVinci Resolve due to its modern, attractive user interface. On the one hand, with enough power and editing options for professionals, the software is just as easy to learn for beginners.  With DaVinci Resolve you work very quickly and at a high quality level, because you do not have to change the software for different tasks or you have to acquire knowledge in several other applications.

All processes can be edited with the original image quality directly from the camera. You have your own post-production studio in a single application. Wehr is also good: With DaVinci Resolve you get to know exactly the tools that even various professionals in Hollywood use.

I think one of the great advantages of DaVinci Resolve is the fact that video, photo, graphics and audio material can be integrated, adapted, transposed and changed in many conceivable forms. So you can concentrate very well on the actually essential e.B film editing and video editing, without having to constantly use other applications.

Cooperation with several people in the course of a project is also no problem

As part of the collaboration in DaVinci Resolve, artists from different trades can work together on a project simultaneously in a dedicated workspace with the necessary tools for their task. The Blackmagic Cloud now enables editors, colorists, VFX artists, animators, and sound engineers to collaborate simultaneously from anywhere in the world. The changes of other users can be viewed without first wasting many hours with the conforming of the timeline.

DaVinci Resolve

Meditation & Relaxation Video

The soundfile of my version of Bach's Prelude in C major, BWV 846 can be downloaded here for free in high quality:
or here:

Demo video for synchronized
Audio text and translation

the same demo video without text

Demo video for logo design

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